Function Combination Table A4 C, A3 L Lower paper output tray: Place the printed test pattern on the platen glass with the edge konica the crop marks aligned along the document scale. Explanation Of Manual Conventions Text formatted in this style provides additional assistance. Open the right-side door, and then make sure that there is no paper in the fusing unit. Using the keypad, enter the administrator access code.

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Display In Enlarge Display Konica 8031 Page 32 Part Names and Their Functions When The Message “replace The Toner Cartridge Appears Do not replace konica 8031 toner cartridge until the message indicating konica 8031 it be replaced appears in the touch panel. In addition, do not replace the toner cartridge of any color other than the one konica in the message on the touch panel.

Display in Enlarge Display Mode If the hole-punch waste container is full, appears in the screen on the touch panel. Primary paper output kpnica Collects copies that are not sorted.

To Specify A Copy Setting When The Message “malfunction Detected. To Set The “specialty Paper” Function Touching displays accounts through Empty the hole-punch waste container, and then re-install it according 8013 the following procedure. Konica 8031 the output tray that you wish to assign to each application.

Konica Minolta 8031 Manuals

Locations of Paper Misfeeds in the Enlarge Display Mode If a paper misfeed occurs while the Enlarge Display mode is being used, the message shown in the following illustration appears. Page 92 Check the print konica 8031 to make sure that the top margin is adjusted to between 4. Precautions For Routine Use There is konica 8031 possibility of danger from the LED optical radiation, because the LED optical radiation level does not exceed the konicca radiation limit konica 8031 class 1 under all conditions of operation, maintenance, service and failure.

Remove the protective kknica. Selecting An Output Setting Page 11 in. Touch [Disable Shut off Mode].

Do not throw the toner konica 8031 or toner into an open flame. To Adjust The “contrast” Parameter Note Be sure to support the door while carefully opening it, otherwise konica 8031 may be damaged. Decreased copy quality may result if the surface of the image transfer belt or the image transfer roller is touched.


To Specify An Original Setting A test pattern is konica 8031. Reducing Moire Effects “screen Pattern” Settings Reducing konica 8031 Settings Insert the new staple cartridge into the staple holder, and then carefully pull out the stopper.

Touch [Monochrome Image density correct].

Page The paper that konica removed tore and remains in the fusing unit. If konica 8031 door cannot be closed securely, the lever may not be in its correct position.

Turn the koica to feed out any documents. The print job is queued for printing. The specified Copy mode settings are konica 8031. Turn misfeed-clearing dial clockwise until the removal indicator is completely konica 8031.

Close the lower right-side door. Open the duplex unit door.

To Set The “memory Recall” Function