Skip to main content. The LabJack U12 includes all drivers. After 7 months of advertising this LabJack U12 knockoff, actual units have started to ship. How I can mention this while ordering. The maximum continuous scan rate of 1. See the photos and links at the bottom of this page. It is reliable enough and easy to get started with.

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It’s quite obvious that such things should never be used. Good value for the money We have used this versatile DAQ unit for several lab projects in our lab where we needed some simple digital IO control or analog IO. Would recommend to a friend. NET for controls, we don’t use company-supplied mccdaq.

Cable, conductor ribbon, female to female, 2 ft. I found that the API fails when a working directory differs from the “executable directory”, where cbw First surprise Miniilab found in mccdaq. The combination and quantity of digital and analogue inputs and outputs provide for a wide range of capabilities without buying additional hardware.

miniLAB and the LabJack U12 | LabJack

Chat with one of our sales engineers. This utility is simply faulty. Is this understanding Correct?

There are no known limitations specific to VBA. Every LabJack is backed by our free Legendary Support, for life.

miniLAB 1008 and the LabJack U12

Was this answer helpful? You would be calling into our CBW All pins have 47k resistors connected to Vs. How I can mention this while ordering.

Redundant installation is evil; a bug is a bug. In this poor collaboration between hardware and software parts of documentation, I can see the usual lack of understanding between hardware and software specialists.

miniLAB 1008

Resolution of 12 bits monilab and 11 bits common terminal. We had to redistribute USB cables between hubs and reduce electric drain from digital outputs to reduce the load on USB. Again, this is easy to work-around after scratching one’s head thoughbut this is not even a bug, this is illiteracy. The typical slew rate is 0. I mniilab it for general control in a couple of products and it is reliable, easy to use and very affordable.

NET and install in our products. No external power is required. Hello – the default is a pull up configuration. Analog Input A low-noise precision programmable gain amplifier PGA is available on differential channels to provide gains of up to 20 in the following ranges: Do you recommend this product? It is repackaged and now called the PMD Minilzb layer would likely be more difficult. All analog connections terminate at the screw terminals.

The parts are rearranged a little, but basically all the same. They are available for ground. See the photos and links at the bottom of this page.

Yes, I recommend this product!

It actually depends on the action of the final user who launches the application.