Asking them to maybe just contact Barros Lee for more info. So much energy bound by a company’s rules – it’s a shame! I’m awaiting Intrepid to see whether this is solved in this release or not. To know if you have DRI enabled you have to do this: Barros Lee of SiS in Taiwan wrote the 3D driver and internally released it, however, SiS refuses to publish the driver to end-users that’s us but allegedly only gives it to mainboard manufacturers.

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The Red Flag Linux 6. The two cd come with it are MS drivers disk. If yes, which driver did you use?

It was always a point of contention that what to do about air water born becteria and virus which accumulate in my dis. What fumident technician will do in your clinic? While installing the graphics driver allows the system to properly recognize the chipset and the card manufacturer, updating the video driver can bring about various changes.

Barros Lee of Sis m672 graphics in Taiwan wrote the 3D driver and internally released it, however, SiS refuses to publish the driver to end-users that’s us but allegedly only sis m672 graphics it to mainboard manufacturers.

[all variants] SiS / Graphics: OpenGL/3D driver [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

So I wrote a trilingual mail to sis m672 graphics support addresses listed at the Clevo website as below. However, indeed, I did not get it working with Kubuntu 8. Hi, thanks for the hint about the 9. Hi, I didn’t notice that the old thread has gone.

HD Graphics Braswell. A crapy SiS card would be a reason sis m672 graphics trash the notebook and never ever buy anything SiS again.

I will continue some testing Sometimes the graphics card for laptops is also called “SIS M integrated”. Hi friends, I vraphics want to let you know that I converted my ole wiki page to a full wiki on its own. Radeon R2 Stoney Ridge. SiS and 3D Graphics. Could sis m672 graphics name your laptop and the possible manufacturer?

sis m672 graphics

It’s useful for me! On the other side I’m still working on getting the driver through manufacturers.

I still use the driver compiled by Otto http: Please don’t set your hopes high on this but I sure do All requests should be in English if possible. The binary driver as it is available at the moment appears to be very buggy so it is offered as BETA. Aerosols from airotor, ultrasonic scalers Blood spills during surgery Patient or staff. As I understand it that’s the satux driver packaged as a handy deb file. Would anyone propose me a working Xorg.

I would like to see someone’s xorg. It does so by refering to other sections in the file which have an “Identifier”. It looks like sis m672 graphics small Linux distribution created sis m672 graphics a Portuguese developer sls.

SIS Mirage 3+ 672MX

I install the driver following Dennis Schulmeister’s site see post grapjics Please try and find the right channel for your enquiry. Good work so far, Rekado. Most frequent questions and answers. Got a reply from the offical Haier service: Third, I have packaged sis m672 graphics modified driver, disabled some buggy features hraphics added a PCIID file, so now all that is needed to run the sis m672 graphics in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex is installing the deb package.