No Longer Available Update Location close. Documentation for the mapping is available on the Mixco website. The Torq Xponent may be used with other software titles through ReWire. Wait until the Xponent is completely started up red progress LEDS on both decks are fully lit then release the keys. Luckily, I had my technics as a backup source. Temporarily speeds up or slows down the corresponding track. Affects the speed of the corresponding track.

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Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from small wonder After nearly a decade of cobbling xpondnt 4-tohour dj sets with an ever-growing array of CD players, iPods, laptops, and lower-end gear including the XsessionI finally bit the bullet and upgraded to the Xponent.

The Torq Xponent may be used with other software titles through ReWire. Rated 5 out of 5 by Freddy the 13th yorq Excellent item! True, the faders are a bit slippy, but it doesn’t take too long to get used to it, while the knobs are nice and tight, and scratch wheels are unbelievably solid and hyper-accurate – the layout is compact but doesn’t feel cramped at all.

M-Audio Torq Xponent specs. No other products really come close. Releasing the brake before the track has stopped will resume playing, while holding it until the track has stopped completely will leave the track paused.

Plugs straight into an ampno mixer needed however no mic input!!. Holding both shift keys while pressing either gain kill button will toggle the vu meters between master output mode and per-channel mode see Torq Xponent features full-size tactile controls for easy maneuvering and control over digital audio files.

These will be mentioned in-line.

Some advanced or intensive operations and features may be limited by these hardware configurations and may require a faster computer. The sound completely shut down. I experienced the ultimate nightmare for a DJ. Pressing the already-selected PFL button will disable it. Controls the headphone mix. The default mode can be changed in the config section of the M-Audio-Xponent-Advanced-scripts.

The upper numbered buttons set or activate hotcues. Selects which track s are heard through the headphone output This mapping has two PFL modes.

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Indicates the progress through the corresponding track. When the button is lit, scratch mode is enabled. Displays the current output level for the corresponding deck. Also performance will be better if the HD is connected on a different bus than the control surface e.

The script tora written with the Mixco mapping framework. Normal play will resume when it is released. Although this product is xpoent tempting in terms of its function, I dont recommend this product for any live performance.

Alters the behavior of certain controls.

Traktor Bible – Mapping(s) for M-Audio, Torq Xponent

Full Size Tactile Controls for Torq Software The Torq Xponent features large, pre-mapped tactile controls including two touch-sensitive scratch wheels for real-time scratching, speeding up, slowing down and cuing of digital audio files. Something not too expensive but still equipped with lots of trq and good software. These MIDI inputs are not used in this mapping.

All are soft-takeover enabled.

Mapping(s) for M-Audio, Torq Xponent

Controls the volume of the booth audio output. M-Audio has had regular updates to the program, but their updates have been buggy, sometimes more so than the version that came packaged in the box 1.

The Midi mode see 19 is not mapped at this time. Its best suited for the bedroom dj.